Business Meeting

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back to more new Rocco Siffredi scenes today ad more hotties with a passion for anal sex. The whole setting for this one is that Rocco here is a businessman and these two babes are from a rival company and they are here to make sure that they come to a favorable conclusion with their business. But you need not worry as the two babes are more than just experienced. They never let deal go bad and you’ll see plenty of that in this scene here as you can already imagine. Well, let’s take our time to see the stud RoccoSiffredi play around with another duo of hot and horny babes that love to fuck hard.

Just as Rocco, all dressed in his suit wanders around the lobby/living room, the two babes make their entry and you can se how they made sure to always strike a deal just by their hot outfits that they shoed up in of course. And Rocco hiself kind of started getting hard as soon as he got to see the two strutting their stuff for him. After that there wasn’t too long until the two beauties stated to play with his big and hard cock and you just have to see it too. See it entering nice and deep in their sexy round asses today and see them moaning loudly in pleasure at the dicking they get. There will be even more to check out next week, so drop by!

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