Slutty Girls

This week’s hot Rocco Siffredi scene brings you some more slutty babes just like the title says. But this time Rocco was not alone as he was keeping another buddy company. Well the two did this and that and they ended up hooking up with a pair of superb little ladies too. The pair of babes were looking for a group fuck tonight and these two guys seemed perfect for them to take back to their place to party with. Oh how right they were, as there’s no one better than RoccoSiffredi and co to please some eager cunts and asses today. Well, let’s get to it and see the foursome go down without any delays as you just have to see the action!

As the cameras roll, the two studs are already back at the babes’ place and the two cuties were making quick work of their clothes as well as their dresses as they were taking them to the living room and a big and red leather couch that’s going to be used plenty tonight. See the lovely ladies doing some brilliant oral for the two and they even make them blow a load first. The piece of resistance in this scene though, is the two babes taking turns to have their asses double fucked by two cocks at the same time and you can bet that it makes for quite the sight. Enjoy the view as always and be sure to drop by soon once more for new and hot scenes!

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